Sustainable Raincoats

Anyone else have a similar view through their window this week? With the forecast looking decidedly damp for the foreseeable future, our thoughts have turned to finding sustainable ways to keep dry.


I'm looking forward to the first of several summer festivals in a couple of weeks. However my six year old and I are woefully unprepared for inclement weather (it was miraculously glorious every time we camped last year).


With this in mind I've been looking for good quality, sustainable rain-proof jackets for us both. Check out the gallery at the bottom for some of the best we've spotted so far.



Adult sustainable raincoat


Patagonia has a great reputation for putting their values above profit. Their Cloud Ridge Jacket is made from recycled polyester and comes with a whole host of high quality performance features.


German brand Jack Wolfskin also offers high performance outdoor gear, including this recycled polyester jacket that is available in four different colours. Super lightweight and fairly good looking.


My personal favourite is this jacket from Swedish brand Tretorn. It's woven from recycled nylon from discarded fishing nets and other nylon waste. The lining is made from recycled polyester. 



Child sustainable raincoat


Muddy Puddles is a lovely brand from Devon, that is committed to developing eco-friendly products. For example, the red and blue jacket below is made from recycle plastic bottles. 


If you can offset the transport carbon Lea et Jojo from Switzerland have some gorgeous designs made from recycled polyester and featuring water-repellent coating BIONIC-FINISH® ECO, by Rudolph.


"Most water-repellent coatings on the market today the use of fluorocarbons is a rule rather than an exception. Fluorocarbons are a harmful group of chemical substances that break down very slowly in nature. They are easily spread through air and waterways and can nowadays be found worldwide in nature and in our human bodies. The fluorocarbons also impair reproductive ability and are suspected to cause cancer. BIONIC-FINISH® ECO is made with an alternative technique and is completely fluorocarbon-free."


For high performance, Patagonia again offer a great 100% recycled nylon option. The name label actively encourages you to 'hand me down', which at £100 for a kids jacket is a good thing...!

rain on a window
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