How sustainable is your favourite Sheffield cafe?

Calling all Sheffield coffee lovers - we need your help!


We are compiling a list of all the lovely independent coffee shops, cafes, restaurants etc. that offer a discount to customers who bring their own re-usable cup.


Please let us know if your local brew house offers such an incentive? Extra Brownie Points* if you can tell us what discount they give...


For example, The University of Sheffield are running a great scheme, Campus Cups, to reduce single-use cups on campus.


The Forum offers 30p off hot take-away drinks if you bring your own container. Does anyone know if they do the same at True North's other Sheffield establishments - for example at The York or The Riverside?


And if your neighbourhood eatery doesn't currently have any kind of incentive in place, maybe you could ask them about introducing one?


Every year over ONE HUNDRED BILLION single-use coffee cups end up in landfill -  about 30,000 tonnes in the UK alone. Although many outlets now offer compostable or recyclable cups, the more sustainable solution is to say no to single-use cups and bring your own along. 




*Brownie Points have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for anything other than goodwill 


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