Wake cup

How sustainable is your favourite Sheffield cafe?

Calling all Sheffield coffee lovers - we need your help! We are compiling a list of all the lovely independent coffee shops, cafes, restaurants etc. that offer a discount to customers who bring their own re-usable cup. Please let us know if your local brew house offers such an incentive? Extra Brownie Points* if you can tell us what discount they give... For example, The University of Sheffield are running a great scheme, Campus Cups, to reduce single-use cups on campus. The Forum offers 30p off hot take-away drinks if you bring your own container. Does anyone know if they do the same at True North's other Sheffield establishments - for example at The York or The Riverside? And if your neighbourhood eatery doesn't currently have any kind of incentive in place, maybe you could ask them about introducing one? Every year over ONE HUNDRED BILLION single-use coffee cups end up in landfill -  about 30,000 tonnes in the UK alone. Although many outlets now offer compostable or recyclable cups, the more sustainable solution is to say no to single-use cups and bring your own along.    *Brownie Points have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for anything other than goodwill  Photo credit: Global WakeCup

We like you too :)

We're Looking Forward to Meeting You!

We've just signed up for our first official public appearance! We'll be selling a carefully curated selection of lovely things from local and zero-waste producers at the first ECO-EXPO at High Storrs school, Sheffield on 23rd March 2019.  What is ECO-EXPO about? If you’re thinking of going green, or if you’re already on board with this hot topic, this event plans to be a one-stop-shop for people who are looking for a more sustainable lifestyle! There will be a rolling programme of inspirational talks, presentations and seminars. Already confirmed are leading members of the the Green Party, Greenpeace, renewable energy and sustainable living experts.  Stock up on your zero-waste and ethically sourced shopping in our Green Market. And learn more about which organisations can help you make greener lifestyle choices in our Big Switch exhibit area. There will be food and drinks for the whole family to enjoy, so you can really make a day of it!   Sukit & Sea at the ECO-EXPO Look out for our information stand in the Big Switch exhibit area, where we'll be sharing what we've learned on our journey so far. Then our stall in the Green Market will be selling a selection of the products you'll soon be able to buy for home delivery via our website. Please come along to support this great event - and to meet us!

Sheffield trees

What Matters to You?

We are asking our friends and Sheffield community about what matters to them - to help guide our own plans for developing a local business built on foundations that reflect our core values and beliefs. So, please tell us what matters to you? If we can find a way to help, we will!  Here at Sukit & Sea we are exploring a few different avenues such as: Hyper-local home delivery - with stock sourced from local producers and shops to keep money in our communityZero waste home delivery service; because we know how hard it is to ditch plastic from modern livesBecoming full time Plant Pushers... helping more people to join the revolution  Would any of these services make a positive difference in your world? 

Edible straws

Single Use Plastic Can Suck it

We are constantly looking for novel ways to stick some fingers up at products or habits that are damaging the environment. So whilst a total ban on sales of plastic drinking straws is on the cards in the UK, we have been looking at alternatives. For some months now we've had our eye on these edible versions from Sorbos. We are delighted to have a limited stock to offer through our online store. You can buy the edible drinking straws here. Taste tasting at Sukit & Sea HQ confirms that the lemon and lime flavoured straws are a great match with a classic G&T. The strawberry and chocolate ones are brilliant with Baileys (especially their new strawberries and cream version). The cinnamon one is surely a delicious addition to any festive cocktail or just plain ol' milk - we especially love it with almond milk. And as for apple, well I like it with bourbon and ginger but make up your own mind! Let us know what combinations you try...

Beyond burger

Bleedin'ell - it's finally here

One of the most hyped Vegan product launches is finally hitting UK shelves today, as Tesco starts selling The Beyond Burger.  Huge popularity in the US for this cult brand was blamed for the push back of it's original launch date from August to November. You can order them in Honest Burger (if you live in London, Bristol, Cambridge or Reading) and All Bar One (56 branches across most of the country) but today is the first time we'll be able to cook one at home. The popularity seems to stem from the burger's ability to 'bleed', thanks to beetroot juice. The ingredients are all plants, no lab grown meat substitutes. With an estimated 1% of the UK population now following a Vegan diet and 22 million people adopting a Flexitarian approach, it's a good time to get into plant-based food manufacturing. A 'bleeding' burger is sure to appeal to new converts who still crave the meaty experience minus the dead animal. Fingers crossed Tesco haven't sold out by the time I get to one this evening... 

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