Single Use Plastic Can Suck it

We are constantly looking for novel ways to stick some fingers up at products or habits that are damaging the environment. So whilst a total ban on sales of plastic drinking straws is on the cards in the UK, we have been looking at alternatives.


For some months now we've had our eye on these edible versions from Sorbos. We are delighted to have a limited stock to offer through our online store. You can buy the edible drinking straws here.


Taste tasting at Sukit & Sea HQ confirms that the lemon and lime flavoured straws are a great match with a classic G&T. The strawberry and chocolate ones are brilliant with Baileys (especially their new strawberries and cream version). The cinnamon one is surely a delicious addition to any festive cocktail or just plain ol' milk - we especially love it with almond milk. And as for apple, well I like it with bourbon and ginger but make up your own mind!


Let us know what combinations you try...

Edible straws
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