Bleedin'ell - it's finally here

One of the most hyped Vegan product launches is finally hitting UK shelves today, as Tesco starts selling The Beyond Burger


Huge popularity in the US for this cult brand was blamed for the push back of it's original launch date from August to November. You can order them in Honest Burger (if you live in London, Bristol, Cambridge or Reading) and All Bar One (56 branches across most of the country) but today is the first time we'll be able to cook one at home.


The popularity seems to stem from the burger's ability to 'bleed', thanks to beetroot juice. The ingredients are all plants, no lab grown meat substitutes. With an estimated 1% of the UK population now following a Vegan diet and 22 million people adopting a Flexitarian approach, it's a good time to get into plant-based food manufacturing. A 'bleeding' burger is sure to appeal to new converts who still crave the meaty experience minus the dead animal.


Fingers crossed Tesco haven't sold out by the time I get to one this evening...


Beyond burger
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