Adidas are making vegan shoes using ocean plastic

We were thrilled to spot that Adidas, the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second-largest in the world, is working to reduce plastic pollution in the sea. It is producing five million pairs of vegan shoes made from plastic found in the ocean.


Adidas are collaborating with the charity Parley for the Oceans, forming a plan to “end plastic pollution.” They are making shoes using Parley Ocean Plastic, which includes re-purposed “deathtraps” (discarded fishing nets), and plastic collected from coastal regions of the Maldives.


Initially, Adidas released a limited edition of 7,000 pairs of the vegan shoes, with each containing the equivalent of 12 plastic bottles worth of waste. These sold out instantly, proving both the popularity of the design and the cause. Now, they have announced they will produce five million pairs, retailing at approximately £170.


With plastic pollution one of the most pressing environmental issues, it's good to see such a high profile brand promoting a positive approach. 




Adidas Vegan Shoes
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